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With production methods that are conceptually different from those of mass-produced marine engines, CRM's 12 and 18 cylinder with V or W configurations are recognized in the international market as the lightest in their power range, and they are distinctive for their performance, safety and reliability over time.

Specialized engineering lowered vibrations so much that these engines are the only work ones that can actually do without a flywheel.

The result is reduced stress both on the drive train and the boat itself, which in turn means less maintenance and longer life. It is no accident that over the years a number of navies have continually chosen CRM engines for their military craft, which have to work for thousands of hours per year and fend off the waves at sustained high speed.

High torque values, together with a power curve that shows excellent results along the whole range of use, enable safe cruising at any speed in any seas.

This service is available in Italy

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