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Windpilot Services

Below are services offered by Windpilot:


WINDPILOT has been manufacturing windvane steering systems continuously for longer than any other company. Over the course of more than three decades in the business we have gained practical experience with just about every known type of system. The early years were marked by enthusiastic experimentation, trial and error being very much the key to progress.

The following systems made it into large-scale production:

ATLANTIK V vane auxiliary rudder systems 1968 - 1985
PACIFIC V vane servo-pendulum system 1970 - 1975
PACIFIC H vane servo-pendulum system 1973 - 1983
ATLANTIK H vane auxiliary rudder and trim tab system - 1971
PACIFIC trim tab on main rudder system 1971 - 1974

All of these units were manufactured by hand in stainless steel. It is some testament to their strength that thousands are still in use up to 30 years later

This service is available in Hamburg (Germany)

Windpilot Regions

Below are the regions in which Windpilot are located or operate:

  • Hamburg