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Davis Express Inc

At Davis Express, we believe that our employees behind the scenes are just as important as our drivers on the road. Our employees working together is what allows Davis Express to keep our competitive advantage. We are proud to say that we employ one of the best teams in the industry.

Anyone who has worked in the transportation industry knows that communication is essential. Our information network allows us to communicate swiftly with our drivers on the road. Each one of our trucks is equipped with a Qualcomm communication satellite which provides us with the ability to be in contact with our drivers around the clock. This allows our Customer Service Representatives to provide you with an accurate estimate, location of your load, or help them find a truck and trailer to provide for your needs.

Our customer service department is divided up into specific regions which gives them the insight into meeting your particular needs. Their experience and hard work is what really sets us apart from other trucking companies. They provide the information for our drivers that gives them the safest and quickest route to their destinations and pick-ups. Armed with the up to date information they are also able to give you specific information about your load.

One area that Davis Express prides itself in is our maintenance facility. Our well-trained and skilled mechanics work around the clock to keep our trucks and trailers running smoothly. Their hard work and determination is what allows us to assure that your load gets to its destination on time and in a safe manner.

Of course Davis Express would have trouble succeeding in the transportation industry if it weren’t for our drivers. Our safety department makes sure that Davis Express only has the best drivers on the road. Our drivers must meet strict qualifications in order to be a part of the Davis Express team. Knowing that we have confidence in our drivers should give you a peace of mind in knowing that your load will get to its destination on time and safely.

This service is available in Florida (United States)

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