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hertsdirect.org Hertfordshire Dial a Ride

Hertfordshire Dial a Ride provides door to door transport for the elderly, disabled and those people who cannot easily use passenger transport. The vehicles used are designed to offer easy access and have tail-lifts/ramps that can be used by those who cannot easily climb steps or who use a wheel chair.

The scheme is available to residents of Hertfordshire who have a permanent disability, are in receipt of a mobility allowance or those who qualify on age. Membership of the scheme should be obtained before the scheme can be used.

The service can be used for local journeys to shops, libraries, visiting friends or places of interest and local GPs and dentists. Dial a Ride does not provide transport to hospitals as an outpatient, to full time education or to social services/health service day centres.

Dial a Ride fares are comparible with passenger transport. The fares are quoted for a single journey and the booking office should tell you the cost of each journey.

Once you have been accepted as a member you can book your trips up to seven days in advance. The service is available between 9.00am and 7.00pm, Monday to Saturday.

This service is available in Hertfordshire (United Kingdom)

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