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Wessex Trains Services

Below are services offered by Wessex Trains:

Wessex Trains

Wessex Trains was set up in October 2001 as part of the Government’s plans to improve the rail network.

We are one of 26 privatised train operating companies providing scheduled passenger services throughout the South West of England, and have our headquarters in Exeter.

Wessex Trains works hard to bring about continuous improvement in its standards of service to passengers. Our commitment is to safety and security, quality, punctuality and cleanliness, and we are working constantly to improve the quality of services to customers.

We have a fleet of 70 trains that enables us to run 500 services a day during the week, providing on average 25,000 daily journeys, or 10 million journeys every year.

We operate 125 stations throughout a network of 900 miles all supported by 900 members of staff.

This service is available in Devon (United Kingdom)

Wessex Trains Regions

Below are the regions in which Wessex Trains are located or operate:

  • Devon