Dolphin Cargo Logistics Ltda

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Dolphin Cargo Logistics Ltda

We have as MISSION offer all our Clients an excellent and complete integral logistic service in the planning, management, coordination and control of all the activities necessary to transfer the Clients’ merchandise from anywhere of the world towards Colombia, in the smaller possible time to decrease the cost of the transactions and to avoid unnecessary delays.

Our OBJETIVE before two years is to be the leader operator of multimodal and logistic transport recognized in the market by an excellent service, where the priority will be the agile and opportune information of the status of the merchandise at any moment, designing an information system handle by our Clients.
Before 2008, we try to develop international standards of quality to increase the satisfaction of our Clients, guaranteeing the better service accord the legal requirements and regulations of security demanded at worldwide level.

This service is available in Columbia

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