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LightMaster Software

LightMaster is the UK's leading producer of training software for users of small craft. The software ranges from basic seamanship subjects such as learning Collision Regulations Vessel Lights and How to Navigate in Tidal Waters, to detailed simulators for marine radar, VHF DSC radio, and tutorials on VHF, GPS and Electronic Charts.

All LightMaster Software is designed to run on standard PCs under various versions of Microsoft Windows. The experience which can be gained using such interactive training software is unrivalled by any other training medium.

The simulators provide unrivalled interactive experience with the various pieces of equipment. The Radar Simulator, for example, acts exactly like a real marine radar set, except that the environment can be fully controlled. All the standard set-up knobs are provided, giving control over brilliance, gain, tuning and sea clutter elimination. Each of the common functions is given its own control buttons, such as range, head-up or north-up, EBL, VRM and alarm zones.

In addition to providing a complete radar set, the program also gives complete control of your own vessel via rudder and throttle controls. There are pre-set exercises built into the software, but a unique drag and drop programming facility allows anyone to create a virtually unlimited range of situations in a few moments. these can be saved and used over and over. The Radar Training Simulator provides more practice in radar plotting, collision avoidance and coastal navigation than could be gained in months of sea time.

The VHF DSC Radio Simulator presents a complete model of a dsc radio with fully functional controls. The user can send or receive every type of DSC alert, such as Routine, Safety, Urgency and Distress. A remote monitor panel allows the user to see the content of each alert sent out, and how the GPS position and time are incorporated into a distress alert. Since it is not possible to practice the most vital procedures on a real radio, the DSC Simulator is the ideal method to ensure you are ready for the unexpected situation.

Many leisure and commercial seamen are now using or learning about GPS and Electronic Chart systems. The LightMaster GPS Tutor and the new Electronic Chart Tutor, which is due for release in January 2004, explain the technicalities of the equipment in a non-technical manner, teach the benefits and drawbacks of each type of equipment, then explore the best way to use the equipment for safe, successful navigation.

GPS and Electronic Charts are now given great emphasis in the RYA courses for Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster. LightMaster GPS and Chart Tutors provide the perfect background to these courses for students, and like all the LightMaster range of software, they are available for use by sea schools and tutors.

The VHF DSC Simulator is used extensively throughout the UK and abroad as the standard method of teaching or learning VHF Radio operation. The VHF DSC Tutorial is designed to supplement this by providing step-by-step interactive teaching of the principles and practice of marine radio operation. Ideally every student enrolling on a VHF DSC Radio course should work through the Tutorial in advance of the course. Then instructors can concentrate on teaching effective communication, without the distraction of teaching the associated button-pressing.

Collision Regulations lights, Navigational Buoys, Fog signals and Tidal Navigation are all taught by the combination of the three seamanship programs. LightMaster Marine Lighhts Simulator allows you to select any type and size of vessel, engaged in a variety of activities. The vessel or vessels or then shown on screen, with the appropriate recognition lights. Unlike books or flash cards, you can start the engines of the vessels and steer them around the screen to view the Col Regs lights from every angle, just as you would at sea.

In the navigation buoys sections, there are many different ways to create realistic flashing lights on the screen. These work in real-time, making it so much easier to learn all the different flashing patterns, buoy shapes and colour schemes. Lateral marks, cardinal marks, safe water and isolated danger marks are all included. Indeed one section allows you to create any type of navigation light and bring it to life on the screen. Each section also offeres self-test facilities to check your understanding of this vital area of the Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper syllabus.

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