About transportweb

Established in 1995, transportweb is one the most important online information resources for the worldwide transport industry. We now have a directory of over 30,000 transport related companies, organisations, groups, associations, charities and individuals.

transportweb is used by businesses all over the world to source transport related products and services. If your company works in transport, and you want to be noticed, you need to be listed on transportweb.

So far transportweb has received over 150,000 unique visitor sessions in 2013 - generating 375,000 page views.  These were people looking for transport related products and services. Our directory is trusted within the sector and ranks highly for lots of transport specific keywords on search engines such as Google and Yahoo - rankings we can pass onto our members that can generate leads and sales.

The transportweb team

transportweb was created in 1995 and the team are based in Bristol and Devon, in the United Kingdom:

transportweb founder Mike Newing has a long and varied background in the transport industry, working for Ford, the Rover Group and Unilever. Primarily based in logistics, Mike helped design large scale transport management software for tracking fleet activities.

Simon Newing has over fifteen years experience in designing and marketing complex web sites and bespoke web applications - and has worked on digital marketing campaigns for Sony, Ikea, Scottish and Southern Power and Tourism Ireland.

Developer Neil Smith is one of the UK's leading authorities on Ruby on Rails - the open source framework used to build transportweb. Neil's background includes a directorship at Kodak between 2001 and 2006, and he's also worked on projects for several local authorities in the UK, the NHS, National Geographic and The Huber Group.

Steve Fenn is a graduate from the University of Bristol where he achieved a first class honours degree in Computer Science. Steve works on the 'front end' of transportweb, focusing on web site usability and the user experience as well as creating interactive and dynamic elements and content.

transportweb membership

We offer three different levels of membership, each with their own range of features. Find out more on our transportweb membership page.